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The Power of Voice
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I love digital storytelling and I created this "Animotocast" to see whether it can be done. I am more than happy with the results. However, since I have no computers at school, my students will have to access the Internet from home and "Animotocasts" would be too complicated for them. That's why I have chosen the tool which, I believe, is the easiest to use (Audioboo) and I have modified my original idea to suit the blended learning model.

Here it is:

joie de vivre
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Podcast Project Plan
Main objective: Participants describe their favourite place.
Level: Intermediate
Class type: adults
Aim: Describing a place
Activity focus: Speaking
Time: Max 3 minutes
Material: Computer with access to Internet / Headphones (which students use from home)
1. Teacher and students practice describing their favourite place in class. Teacher introduces relevant vocabulary.
2. Teacher posts an example to the class wiki. Teacher also posts a screencast explaining how to use Audioboo.
3. Student signs up for an account in Audioboo.
4. Student records the Boo. 
5. Teacher posts a screencast explaining how to post a link to the Boo in the class wiki.
 6. Student posts a link to their Boo in the class wiki. 
7. Teacher posts a Screencast explaining how to write/record a reply to a Boo.
8. Teacher posts the first reply to the student’s Boo. 
9. Student chooses a classmate and listens to his/her recording and writes/records comments or questions in their classmate´s Boo. 
10. In class, teacher and students discuss the experience and what they learnt from it. 
11. Students brainstorm ideas for the next Boo. 
12. Students choose the best idea for a new podcast.

Navagio (shipwreck) beach
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